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Amy's Salon Wins New Business of the Year Award from the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Category: General

Recently Amy's Salon and Spa received some very exciting news that wasn't just an honor for our business but it was also something that meant a lot to me and my family personally. For those that don't know, my roots are deep here in the Ellsworth area. My grandfather was a proud citizen and raised my father to share the same sense of community for this beautiful area, which he passed down to me. I feel incredibly fortunate that I've not only been able to open my dream business here in Ellsworth but that I've also been able to become a contributing member of helping to facilitate its growth, as my family has done for years.

I've not only chosen to remain within this supportive gem of a community tucked away in one of the most beautiful corners of Maine for work, I've also chosen to raise my family here because I can't imagine life being more sincere or living anywhere else. Which is why I was incredibly moved when the Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce not only nominated us for the "New Business of the Year" award but we won! To know that the same community that I have respected and loved for years feels the same for us was humbling.

The work we do here is not done for any kind of recognition so for me, the award means so much more than a plaque. It shows me that Ellsworth, as it's proved time and time again, is the kind of appreciative and encouraging city that supports its citizens. Even though I was raised here, and have family here, I now feel as though I have an even larger family and support system that I can lean on. When we opened our doors I had the same fears and concerns any new business owner has, but the one thing I never questioned was where those doors would be leading to. This incredible city that we call home, Ellsworth. Thank you all!


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anonymous, 12/14/16

"Love the makeup artist and her knowledge of the products. The quiet atmosphere and goodies to take home were such a nice touch!"