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Color Trends... Turquoise

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Category: Makeup

We want to be where the people are! If that opening doesn't make you think of the classic Disney film Little Mermaid, then I don't know what will. My mind is stuck on that film lately because I'm excited about one of the biggest Summer '18 color trends happening, turquoise. That shade immediately conjures up thoughts of beautiful, warm caribbean waters and the relaxing days that can go with it. Which makes us extremely excited for summertime and the different looks we can pull off with that color either on the beach, at a cookout or date night at the drive-in.

If you are the type that loves experimenting with your looks than you'll want to start Pinteresting this look immediately. But if you're someone who feels hesitant on changing things up then we encourage starting out small. Instead of diving right into a full turquoise eyeshadow, consider looking into a eyeliner of the same shade and then build it up along the lower lashline for an intense kick of color. If you want any ideas or tips on how to work this into your summer look let us know! We'd be happy to do a consult on what your best summer look could be.


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kristinac, 03/10/18

"I had a wonderful experience and absolutely in love with my hair. You brought it back to healthy covered all my Grey's, it feels and looks fabulous. ... I don't get much if any time for myself so the wine, the aroma Chakra treatment was amazing. I almost fell asleep in the chair and felt great for the rest of the day. Your staff is so friendly and you can tell everyone enjoys it there, it is well taken care of. Very clean, smells amazing and bright."