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January Chakra™ Balancing Aroma Blends

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Category: Spa

December is over and your balance feels a bit off kilter. You spent holidays making lists, running around, purchasing gifts, thinking of everything that you had to do to keep it all glued together. With it all behind you, you still feel slightly frazzled and are feeling the need to be grounded. January, the start of the New Year, is the perfect time to bring back inner balance and make a fresh start.

At AVEDA we believe that balance comes from a place within; it is always there, but sometimes it needs some encouragement to bring that balance back to center. Balance comes by bringing together "body, mind and emotion." There are 7 chakras, or aligned points, in the body that help you to create this balance. You might want to concentrate on one at a time, or incorporate an overall approach. Balanced chakras will bring you back to that tranquil and calm feeling that you so crave.

AVEDA is not just a series of products; it is a lifestyle that can be customized to your individual needs. Ayurvedic principles, upon which AVEDA is based, center around the chakras and balancing; points in the body that help you to feel connected to yourself and the world around you, give you the self-reliance to be mentally fit, motivated and energetic. Choose from 7 different CHAKRATM BALANCING AROMA SPRAYS, either single or in a gift package.


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courtneyw, 12/19/17

"Amy, you did a fantastic highlight on my hair. It looks so good that not one person has said a word! Thank you for keeping me looking “naturally” beautiful and younger! Your salon provides the best service around!"