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Make Your Face as Bright as the Sun with Daily Light Guard™ and our Sunny Day Special

Monday, July 9, 2018

Category: Spa

Earlier this week all I wanted to do was curl up by a cozy fire, sip some hot cocoa and read a book. I was slipping back into hibernation mode (the default all of us Mainers get into from November through April), half expecting to look out my window and see delicate snowflakes falling to the ground. Then the sun started breaking through and today I looked outside and was reminded that summer does happen in Maine and we are so lucky to experience it because I don’t think there’s any other place anyone should spend their warm and colorful days.

With the sun’s bright and hopeful glow filling our sky it’s time to start thinking about your bright and glowing skin and how we can help you protect it from these powerful rays after months of hiding under layers and shorter days. One of our super exciting Aveda products is the daily light guard™ defense fluid broad spectrum SPF 30. This stuff is legit. Unlike other weightier skincare protectors, this is very lightweight so it barely feels like you’re wearing anything at all as you go about your day conquering all that you do plus protecting your face. As someone who suffers from more sensitive, acne prone skin I was also really excited to find out it’s non-acnegenic which means it shouldn’t add to or make worse my breakouts.

As the sun continues to beckon us all outside in the next couple months remember that sometimes these days take us by surprise and the last thing we want to do is to be caught sitting inside watching the fun from behind glass. To avoid that happening, try to prepare to book your appointments this summer for the earlier hours so we can help get you ready you for all you need to take on these tempting beach and mountain days.

We’ll be running a Sunny Day Special that will include a complimentary Vitamin C Treatment with any Tulasara Facial Treatment. Just click on the link here to schedule your appointment:


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anonymous, 01/11/18

"I have been an Aveda customer for over thirty-five years. I love the Aveda products, and the professional manner of the stylists wherever I've gone. ... I was very happy with my first experience at Amy's Salon, and made another follow-up appointment. My stylist did a wonderful job and followed through from the beginning to the end. I'm very, very happy!"