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Outdoor Adventures this Summer? You can still have great looking hair with Aveda!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Category: Hair

Hello beauties! We wanted to talk about one of our favorite summertime activities this month, it’s the one activity that makes me really feel like we’ve finally found summer buried underneath the melted frost. It’s that moment in time when we separate ourselves from the monotony of work and regular life and venture out into the woods or by the ocean and place a stake in the ground and call it home. It’s when we finally get to explore the beauty of our ‘Vacationland’ and take in all the sounds of friends and families laughter, the rush of water and the chirp of a bird as alarm clock and feel completely at peace. What’s a summer in Maine without a camping adventure?

With that peace and serenity that also comes concerns on how to not only take care of your hair and skin while away from the comforts of home but also how to make it an easy routine so you spend less time worrying about style and more time embracing time with your loved ones. Our first favorite product and must have for camping adventures is the Aveda Dry Shampoo. This product works for all hair types and helps prolong your need to wash your hair if you plan to go a while without (and why not? You’re in nature!). If you do plan to do some upkeep and possibly use a lake, stream or campground shower to get your daily wash in then we would suggest asking us about our Aveda Rosemary Mint line. The shampoo and conditioner will not only leave your hair feeling soft and fresh, it will also leave it smelling sweet. The best part of this product is that the rosemary mint helps keep ticks away! As those nasty little bugs become more prevalent around the state this is a feature I "must have" when exploring the outdoors. If you plan to avoid shampoo and conditioner while away, they also provide a great lotion with the same benefits.

Thankfully, this summer Aveda makes it easy to use the upkeep of your look as a good excuse to also stay safe. Finally, if you need any suggestions on easy to keep up-dos or braids while you’re out exploring this summer book an appointment with us and we’ll be happy to help you plan your adventuring look!


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Patricia D., 03/26/18

"I absolutely love going to Amy's Salon. Megan-my hairdresser-is so wonderful and helpful. I feel very cared for and pampered. I actually feel relaxed and pretty when I leave. The salon itself is so peaceful and comfortable. I never feel stressed or that I am just a number.